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Join us on Sunday 16/06/2013 and celebrate Dragon Boat festival with a difference.

Dragon Boat Festival originated in ancient China some 2,000 years ago. Today dragon boat racing is one of the most popular aqua sports both in China and around the world.

"Dragon Boat Racing On Land" is a new form of sports developed in recent years and is introduced in the UK by the London Chinatown Chinese Association this year.

You can win big prizes by entering the race. Each team will make up of 3 people, minimum age is 18. Call 020 7851 6686 or email info" for details. You can also enter on the day (subject to availability)! 

Special thanks to Napoleons Casinos, See Woo Supermarket and Royal Dragon Group for their generous support.

Dragon Boat Festival traditionally commemorates a heroic gesture of Qu Yuan who was a much loved minister and poet in ancient China. Realising the kingdom was in peril at the hands of corrupt officials, Qu Yuan sacrificed his life to warn the Emperor by throwing himself into the river. People were moved by his heroic act and fishermen raced their boats to recover his body before it was devoured by the fishes, beating drums and throwing rice dumplings into the river to distract them. The tradition continues to this day and each year, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually June) crews of paddlers re-enact that frantic rush to save Qu Yuan.






倫敦華埠商會端午節陸上行舟活動將于六月十六日星期日於倫敦華埠爵祿街舉行,歡迎各界人士報名參加。 參加隊伍需由三人組成,年齡十八歲以上,報名電話:020 7851 7427。電子信箱